The Task

Banckom is a German corporation specializing in various IT services in the banking domain. Banckom produces some of the finest software and unique applications tailored for this domain as well sophisticated platforms for B2B and B2C.

We had a very complicated task to create a multifunctional stable website that would be up to par with the best standards accepted in the EU region. We needed to introduce the community of bankers to an established IT company that created cutting edge software solutions and showcase notable advantages that our client has over their competitors. Projects of such scale are our main product.

What We Accomplished

  • We thoroughly studied all products and services of our client to offer a great strategy;
  • We created a laconic design by combining together engaging personalized messages and visuals with formal language and corporate style;
  • Our specialists built a robust architecture for the project that allowed us to create a sophisticated yet efficient and quick infrastructure that helped us to finalize the project and start implementing it as soon as possible while maintaining perfect communication;
  • We took the best CMS and built upon it with innovative efficient modules and interesting technology to build a reliable and easy-to-use communications bridge between the client and the customer;
  • We created high quality content created with the compliance to all European standard. The website is available in both English and Dutch and has image-driven content.

The Result:

The Banckom’s website is a product of a new generation – a simple, informative, and elegant online platform that features intuitive navigation, lots of useful information, and a bunch of specialized content. We managed to put all our resources to work and created a great website from scratch in a timely manner.

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, WordPress