The Task

Our team was tasked to develop an online store for the “IVIK-UG” company that offers complex solutions for ventilation and climate control.


What We Accomplished


  • The website looks modern due to a well-structured laconic design created by passionate artists. Bright red elements contract with white and blue in the background highlighting most important interface elements: the shopping cart, customer support block, and prices.
  • We created a very functional and convenient structure enhanced with intuitive navigation and multifunctional interface.
  • An expansive catalogue of goods and services was created and optimized SEO-wise. Search filters allow users to quickly find products that they need.
  • All texts were optimized and include only useful technical information presented in an easily comprehensible way. After reading each description, a client will momentarily understand everything about the service and prices without spreading their attention


The website fully corresponds with the image of the “IVIK-UG” company and can create a very favorable impression on any user or potential business partner. Despite the abundance of information, searching for a specific product or service is quite simple. Any user will quickly find all necessary information.




Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, OpenCart