The Task

The industry of aesthetic medicine in Ukraine is saturated with an overabundance of offer with hundreds of clinics and salons offering their services in every single city. Creating something truly individual and outstanding is quite hard. This was exactly out task.

The website of the Aesthetic Medicine and Beauty Center “LARANG” needed to be functional yet reflect corporate values. We needed to approach this project with individuality in mind, use unique technologies, and apply our best efforts to succeed.

Successful implementation of best ideas is our specialty. We accepted the challenge and created a truly unique yet functional website.

What We Accomplished

  • Full-cycle development of the design and functionality conducted with input from the client taken into consideration. The color scheme was formed with white and purple colors that are associated with uniqueness, luxury, and individuality.
  • We added unique photos and ensured that all content is unique. This is very important in order to keep clients interested, but also helps to promote the website in terms of SEO since search engine robots will prioritize websites with unique images and rank them higher than other less unique competitors.
  • The website looks beautiful yet has all necessary functionality to help users to navigate easily despite the abundance of content.
  • During the development of the front page, we focused on laying out information in a concise and comprehensible way so that every user could easily find all necessary information.
  • We also coded and organized most pages in order to make them usable and informative.
  • All functionality and stability was tested on various mobile devices in order to design the best possible UX/UI and improve both loading times and stability.


AVADA MEDIA created an effective product that puts our client directly in the spotlight despite the strength of competition in the aesthetic medicine industry. Both corporate style and individuality of the brand are now well represented in the internet.



Technologies that were applied:

PHP, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, WordPress