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Why Do I Need Your Service? How will your business benefit from the mobile application?

Just a decade ago, having a good website was enough to build a successful online business. However, modern realities are a bit more challenging and we have to create new ways to do business online

Many modern companies do not want to have a small internet outlet. They want to get closer to their clients. This is why we offer mobile application development.

We Support All Platforms
Manage your business remotely

Mobile applications are a contemporary effective instrument to work with your clients and your employees. Modern apps are useful to keep communications under control, manage various business processes, and exchange business related documents and files.

One of the biggest advantages is that your company will have a tiny office installed directly on smart phones of your clients. This is an ultimate form of marketing.

A good mobile application will keep your clients up to date with your latest products and services. Clients will be able to order products and services, receive consultations, and talk directly to your representatives.

Restaurants, Bars, and Food Delivery

A mobile application for such businesses is a necessity. It will allow clients to learn more about the menu and make an order from any location. This will tremendously increase your sales.

Hotels and Motels

Convenient booking, all necessary instruments to manage payments and accommodated clients, and a great way to inform your clients about your new services – all these advantages will make your business much more effective.


There are various ways to keep your users interested. Reach to wider audiences, earn money on advertising, and charge users for the full version of your app.

Beauty and Barber Shops

Such services must be in the center of attention. You will quickly showcase your skills, quality of service, and allow clients to book sessions in advance.

Online Stores

A modern online store must have a convenient mobile app to keep in touch with its customers. This is a great instrument that allows you to increase your audience and make the whole shopping process easier for all of them.

Banks and Financial Orgs

A user that has a mobile app to work with his bank accounts will be able to utilize bank’s services to their fullest extent. Allow your clients to control their credit and debit cards, learn about new products, and make payments from any location.

Taxi and Transportation

Gather all orders in a single database that can be operated by your managers. Communicate with your drives, plan routes, and monitor fuel consumption. A mobile app that can help users to book tickets is also a good investment.

Health and Fitness

A mobile application will help users to stay healthier while allowing a business owner to quickly promote goods and services. It is a great way to connect with existing and new clients.

Informational Apps

These are small search apps that contain some search functionality and staple information regarding your businesses or anything you want. This is a great way to keep your clients informed about new developments or simply monetize the app through showing ads.

Education Apps

Various online services that offer some sorts of education simple have to invest time and resources in a mobile app. It will increase the amount of clients and open your lessons to a wider audience.

1C Apps

Huge companies that operate in Russia or the CIS region should always focus on creating efficient ways to work with 1C software solutions.

Augmented Reality Apps

You can order any type of application and we will gladly help you out. All functionality and design of the app are approved by the client.

Choosing the Platform

We employ some of the best professionals in the industry capable of creating apps optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Apps for IOS (Apple)
Apps for Android (Google)
Mobile Applications will boost your sales.
Mobile Application Development Stages
Prototype development

The first step is to identify your target audience to create an effective application. This is probably the most crucial step. Right after, the client together with the developer starts forming a statement of work where all requirements and dates are specified. Specific features and general framework should be included in this document. We will try to predict how users will interact with the app and create a truly satisfying application that will be truly engaging by making all screens usable and convenient.


After testing the app on multiple devices, we will start designing its interface to make it appealing and engaging while not compromising usability. This is a stage when UI/UX are being tested and functionality is validated as compliant to requirements in the statement of work.


Our coders and designers bring together different parts of the app to ensure that it works as intended. This is a stage when the first launchable iteration is being shipped for testing.


The working iteration is being thoroughly tested. We test all features and core components on various devices and create a detailed list of glitches and bugs that will be fixed as quickly as possible. After the testing stage, the client receives a fully operational launchable mobile application that fulle complies to all technical requirements and initial demands.