The Task

Calculating and ordering all of your utility bills and other small payments can be quite bothersome. Our expenditures keep growing which means that more and more people want to track their expenses and payments. Every single homeowner should have all necessary utility bills in a perfect order on their smartphone.
This application was supposed to ease the tracking of utility bills, various payments, and invoices categorized and structured in an easily comprehensible way. We needed our users to quickly understand that paying bills and counting money is more than easy.

What We Accomplished

Our application had a very effective infrastructure with several functional blocks:

  • Tracking all utility bills and invoices with filtering by dates;
  • Managing and viewing detailed bills;
  • Tracking various financial statistics for separate real estate properties;
  • Calling handymen and engineers when needed;

Приложение МойДом24

  • Receiving and managing notifications regarding your house or condo (like maintenance schedules and upcoming and emergency repairs);
  • The application allows users to use infinite real estate objects and manage statistics for each of them. We implemented a very simple UX/UI to present all necessary information in a concise easily comprehensible manner. The interface allows users to view figures and graphs;
  • Notifications that remind you about upcoming payments allow users to avoid falling in debt and easily control their expenditures related to maintaining their real estate properties.

Разработка мобильных приложений
The Result:
We created a very successful and efficient application “MyHome24” that managed to immediately find its niche. This application coordinates all incoming information and allows users to quickly exchange information when it is necessary or connect with their maintenance company. This application manages and helps to order all expenditures related to housekeeping.

МойДом24 приложение для домовладельцев и ЖК


Technologies that were applied:

Android, iOS, YII2