The Task

The Avada Media Team was contracted to create a contemporary looking online store that would promote and sell Petronas products in the Ukrainian market. The complexity of the task was comprised of many aspects. First of all, the diversity of products. The website needed to be a huge versatile online outlet with various motor oils for large and small vehicles, antifreezes, and other technical liquids and tools. The second aspect is a functional admin panel that would allow our client to effectively manage the website. The third important priority was the UI gorgeously looking yet laconic and functional to cater to the overwhelming majority of users. To top it all off, the website needed to be in line with corporate values and design of the Petronas corporation.

What We Accomplished

  • We proposed a very stylish unique website design. Separate decorative elements stand out on the black background and attracts attention to functional elements of the website;

  • A stable functional architecture was developed to support intuitive navigation and comprehensible and simple UI;

  • All products and goods are ordered in a single data base. Each and every product has its own page and descriptions;
  • We created all sorts of content for our client including images, decorative elements, typography, and texts;

  • We created efficient adaptive layouts that would easily work with most modern smartphones and other mobile devices;
  • We implemented a very effective search functionality that allowed users to filter products by various technical parameters and brands

  • Reliable iterative testing involving various types of gadgets.
  • All-inclusive SEO optimization and content management

During the development process we heavily emphasized several functional blocks:

  • Motor oil assistant that helps users to find the best product for the car based on car specifications;
  • Flexible database of technical documentation;
  • Search functionality with additional filters;
  • Profile panels for users and other features.

The Result:
The final product fully satisfied our customer both in terms of functionality and visual design. This website is a great commercial outlet that allows our client to quickly distribute and promote their products, share their corporate news, and inform their customers about discounts and special promotions.

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, OpenCart