Online Store Development

The world of digital technologies made online shopping a norm. People can save time and enjoy additional advantages like delivery, low prices, and a rich choice of goods and services. It is not a miracle that Ukrainian e-Commerce segment is growing rapidly with overall sales in the internet growing by 65% over last three years. The market volume reached $2.5 million and does not look like it wants to stop growing. In some areas we even surpass the rest of Europe.

An online store is a very important step for your company. Even if you have an offline store, an online store will help you to increase your reach and find new clients outside of your city. You can increase your audience without investing in additional physical outlets that drain your capital with utility bills, maintenance, and salaries.

Here are some important moments in e-Commerce development:
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Online store design and development
  • Layouts and backend architecture
  • Content creation and SEO-optimization
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • SEO-promotion and marketing

Design and Development of an Online Store

Visualization, development, design

Online store full-cycle development is a long road that takes from the initial idea to a fully operational business. In order to make your online store truly effective, we need to know your target audience. Based on the assessment of your TA, we will design the style and functionality of the store.

After the initial stage of planning and design, our specialists start building the website. Our goal is to create a unique marketing solution that will generate more sales and engage users.

Feature Driven Development

We have seasoned professionals capable of quickly creating a draft version of the design and executing the backend part of the project. Our service includes further technical support and maintenance. We can fine tune your website and change various components to give you more free time for managing your business.

Content Creation and Content Management

A ready-to-go internet store must be filled with content. The first step is to create special products pages with detailed descriptions and high quality images for each item in your catalogue. A good juicy description combined with a selling picture of the product will ensure great conversion.

All product pages should contain information about your brand, products and services, how to order, shipment methods, and payment options. There should be a special page with ongoing discounts, promotions, and other interesting events.

Website Promotion and Higher Conversion

So you have that brand new beautiful online store with improved usability and high quality products featured at low prices. Your advantages should be apparent to potential customers all over the internet. We will conduct a thorough SEO audit and make sure that Google and other search engines on top of search results. If you need an efficient e-mail campaign, we will also help you. There are many ways to promote your website and we know them all. Our methods will help you attract new customers and hold on to old ones.

Project Examples:

Development of an online store «Petronas-shop»

Development of an online store «Poseidon»

Development of an online store «D’AMORE»