The Task

This new start-up was something challenging and engaging. We had a blast creating something unique and interesting. AVADA MEDIA was tasked to build a simple yet functional mobile application “Party Ticket”. This app needed to be simplistic, stylish, and with high functional capacity. Our team needed to use all available creativity and experience to solve some problems that occurred during the development process.



What We Accomplished

The functionality of the application can be separated in three groups: users, night clubs, and admins.

For Users:

  • We created a stylish minimalistic design with a balanced harmony of corporate colors.
  • Users can purchase any ticket online 24/7 from any type of mobile device.
  • Tickets can be booked and the booking screen shows the layout of the night club so that users can choose the best table to book.
  • A convenient schedule and daily notifications help users to be informed about upcoming events and promotions.
  • We integrated push-notifications.
  • Users can authenticate and register using their phone numbers and social network accounts.
  • Users can share various details of events and promotions via any chosen communication channel.
  • A special functional block allows users to quickly purchase tickets and plan their attendance at events.

For Night Clubs:

  • Simple and efficient account management due to intuitive and simple interface.
  • Insightful statistics to manage events and subscribers.
  • Night club representatives can edit events (add new, delete or edit), adjust table positions and seats.
  • Adding photos, descriptions, and prices to the event page.
  • Users can be grouped in the client base and managed by night club representatives.

For Administrators:

  • Admins can change user status and their rights.
  • The panel is fully adaptive and can be used from both smartphones and tablets.
  • The project is scalable and can be expanded with additional features when needed.
  • The application was tested on multiple devices.


The application allows users to easily book and purchase tickets for events held by various night clubs. The interface is simple and visually appealing while navigation and features allow users to receive all necessary information quickly.


Technologies that were applied:

Android, iOS