The Task

Our team developed a contemporary looking online store “POSEIDON”. Our goal was to create a beautiful outlet with some of the best diving equipment. The store needed to be efficient yet functional and visually appealing.

What We Accomplished

  • The website looks stylish due to a very complicated colorful yet laconic design. Beautiful details complement the dark palette and attract visitors’ attention to most important bits;
  • Our specialists built a highly usable functional architecture and implemented intuitive navigation that is easy-to-use for every single guest;
  • СWe created expansive catalogues with all products and services and implemented efficient search filters to minimize the amount of time required to find a desired item;
  • All content is created to be efficient and resultative. There simply no place left for useless advertisements and empty promises.

The Result:

The website fulfils all requirements set by our client: the content is structured in a way that allows users to quickly find necessary products and services while the ordering process is reduced to a couple of clicks.

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, OpenCart