The Task

Dr. Patlazhan Clinic is a renowned brand in the plastic surgery field. It was founded by an accomplished plastic surgeon dr. Gennady Patlazhan. He has been working in the aesthetic surgery field for many years helping thousands of people to live their dreams and fix various imperfections in their outlook. Dr. Patlazhan is a mentor by heart and tries his hardest to share his knowledge and expertise with others.

Our main goal was to create a website with a lot of useful relevant information that will help people to find answers to all their questions regarding the domain of aesthetic surgery. At the same time, this website was supposed to become a communication channel between patients and qualified specialists.

What We Accomplished


  • We developed a unique minimalistic website that allowed us to structure the content in a very efficient way. We also analyzed the image of our client and created interesting photo stories that perfectly reflect Dr. Patlazhan’s specialization and skills.
  • The website is equipped with an intuitive navigational structure and convenient interface.
  • It is an adaptive website with optimized content created to comply with all modern SEO requirements.
  • Basic SEO

Школа доктора Патлажана

Plastic Surgery School Landing Page

Dr. Patlazhan’s plastic Surgery School is contemporary educational center that constantly pushes the boundaries of the industry and educates surgeons from Ukraine and many other countries. The school regularly organizes practical master classes, seminars, and other educational events for plastic surgeons and helps younger aspiring specialists learn new skills and grow professionally.
We worked on a very interesting and complicated project. The landing page needed to be interconnected with the main website. At the same time, the client asked us to create a multifunctional page with lots of useful features.

 What We Accomplished:

  • We developed a visually compelling landing page that corresponds with the main website in terms of design. The content was freshened up with a photo gallery.
  • We integrated a functional registration module with a digital calendar containing the schedule of educational and promotional events.
  • Coding and designing were conducted in a timely manner.
  • Basic SEO optimization and SEO promotion was also conducted for this landing page.



Medicine is a discipline that requires precision in everything including visual design of the website. Our team created a very strict yet informative and elegant website that highlights the prestige of the brand and attracts more visitors to the clinic and plastic surgery school. We finished the project in a timely fashion and used cutting edge technology to create sophisticated modules in order to improve usability.

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, WordPress