The Task

We needed to create a web platform where various manufacturers could present their produce and showcase it in front the whole world. One of the core required features was a possibility to work with various stores, distribution offices, and local outlets.

The main goal was to not only attract smaller outlets, but also allow big manufacturers to find great business partners and close out mutually beneficial deals. At the same time, each company representative should have been able to create their own account and manage goods and services as well as communications with clients.

What We Accomplished

  •  We created an original yet intuitive selling website taking into consideration all modern usability rules by highlighting interface elements that must be in the spotlight.
  •  The main page is a made in such way that presents all important information to a user answering all potential questions.
  •  We also created a simple yet functional menu with several core segments that is constantly available to users. All categories are compacted to a single convenient block.
  •  We implemented a highly functional ordering form as well as multiple communication channels that allow users to easily get in touch with representatives of any company listed on the website.
  •  Texts include only carefully selected and well-structured information illustrated with photos and infographics.
  •  We also implemented a special rating/testimonial system that allows users to rate products.


The website guarantees comfortable browsing and has an intuitive interface as well as great visual design. The marketplace is designed to do only one thing really well: sell products!

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, YII2