The Task

All-Russian portal of children’s educational and entertainment facilities Zuti is a unified source of information, which has collected the most useful information for parents and their children. All educational and musical schools, kindergartens, educational and training courses and groups, sports clubs, dance and art studios — now they Zuti!

Zuti is the best assistant of modern parents.

The main task for our team was not just to gather information, but also to make sure that it was convenient to use anywhere in the Russian Federation. The highlight of the project is an opportunity for every visitor to register his private office, where it is easy and convenient to lead his organization to communicate with visitors, to find new customers, as well as to advertise in any way beneficial to them.

What We Accomplished

  • The statement of work was developed in accordance with nuances and future features of the website. We accounted for all marketing campaign components and conducted a thorough analysis of active competitors;
  • We created an easy-to-use contemporary looking interface with colorful design;
  • We used Yii2 framework as the base for this project;
  • A special navigation system was created to allow users to quickly narrow the search for a specific region, city, town or even street;
  • We integrated multiple sophisticated functional modules such as personal profile page, banking, news and marketing, and other interesting functional blocks;
  • We also created memorable content with lots of personalized imagery and design elements.

The Result:
The fruit of the hard work is here and it is a functional convenient website that helps parents find better ways to educate their children. We are proud that we managed to create a very simple search functionality and structure the content in a way that makes perfect sense for both customers and business owners.

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, YII2