The Task

St. Katherine’s Clinic is one of the biggest medical facilities in the southern part of Ukraine. This facility offers a wide array of consultation, diagnostic, and therapeutic services related to cardiology and cardiac surgery.

The old website was outdated long ago and was not up to par with modern requirements in regards to navigation. The old website had a bunch of problems in terms of functionality. This is why AVADA MEDIA needed to not only fully rebrand the current website but also restructure some core architectural components in order to make this website more usable. The new website is a contemporary web resource that has convenient navigation and caters to all kinds of users. The main focus of the development process was on creating an adaptive contemporary design.

What We Accomplished

  • During the initial phase of development, we conducted a full marketing research while all services provided by the clinic were meticulously analyzed.
  • Based on the conducted analysis, we created a functional prototype and developed a concise structure of the website that would perfectly well correspond with the client’s requirements.
  • We employed “Google Flat” style to create a contemporary looking website.
  • We developed and integrated a very simple adaptive navigation with principles of “Mobile First” in mind.
  • The whole project was created on the foundation of the CMS WordPress that was heavily modified. We used PHP-coding and implemented a MySQL database to further improve usability.
  • We developed and integrated a new module that could process large amounts of data and quickly refresh the content of the website.
  • We tested the functionality on various devices in order to ensure the stability of the website.
  • The structure and navigation were built in such way so that users could easily find all necessary information regardless of their experience with internet and technology.


There is nothing more satisfying in this world that a simple thank you from a client. This time we managed to create a functional website according to the requirements set by the client. The overall style corresponds with the style and image of St. Katherine’s Clinic.


Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, WordPress