The Task

Stroy House is a successful construction company that offers a wide array of services in Ukraine. The company is well-known for its responsibility, high quality, and readiness to build anything from scratch (from concept to an actual building).

Our client gave us a challenging task: to create a website that would not only serve as an online business card, but also allowed people to learn more about the world of construction and design.

What We Accomplished


  • During the planning phase we sat down with the client and developed a shared vison of the project and functionality in order to come up with a concise statement of work.
  • We developed a design that was not only functional, but also reflected the corporate spirit of the client through unique style.
  • We also created all necessary texts and images in order to optimize the website and promote it in the internet. By filling the website with all necessary information and promoting it, we managed to attract new clients and improve the corporate image.
  • All necessary coding and layout works were conducted in a way that would fuse all elements of the website in a functional whole.
  • We decided to test the website on all devices in order to guarantee that navigation is intuitive and simple.



The website fully complies with all requirements specified by the client. The website fulfils its purpose and attracts new clients while demonstrating all possibilities and positive image of the company in the internet. You can check it out personally and notice that this website combines simplicity with informativeness.

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, WordPress