The Task

Solutions for multilayered sophisticated tasks – this is the main product of Avada Media. Such multidimensional task was a full cycle service “ALL TAXIS”. Our client wanted to create a nationwide service that would accommodate both transportation service providers and their clients. The solution was supposed to aim at regular car enthusiasts, taxi drivers, and taxi service providers.

What We Accomplished

  • We created a full cycle online service;
  • We applied contemporary mobile-first approach and adapted this website to all platforms;



  • Strong engaging stylish Flat design based on corporate colors;
  • Usable intuitive navigation;


  • High loading speed;
  • Simple yet functional “contact us” form;
  • Incredibly functional passenger segment with online calculator that allows to estimate the cost of any trip, provides visually concise taxi rating, allows users to call a taxi at any given moment of time, and gives all users an option to leave a complaint or a comment;

  • Functional driver segment that allows users to quickly call for assistance and order an emergency evacuation when necessary;

  • Functional taxi service provider segment with a great admin panel that helps to manage orders.

The Result:

AvadaMedia’s solution fulfilled all requirements of the client. On top of the requirements listed in the statement of work we added several interesting features and additional tools for users that significantly improved the UX. The ever-growing amount of users of this amazing service as well as the lack of complaints – this is the best evaluation that we can possible hope for. Our team is always ready to implement very complicated solutions.

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, YII2