The Task

We employ true enthusiastic professionals. This is proven by dozens of successfully implemented projects all over the internet. One of the latest works of our team is a great stylish website for a construction company MVDOM. This company is one of the first in the Ukraine that started using a new technology – LSTC (light steel thin-walled constructions) that allows to quickly erect democratically priced buildings. We needed to create a website that would focus on this technology and present it to visitors in a comprehensible way.

What We Accomplished

  • Due to our extensive knowledge of search engines we can preemptively estimate the effectiveness of certain promotion methods. With that knowledge in mind we decided to focus on creating a simple and easily comprehensible visual design to make highlighted pieces of content stand out even more;
  • We created a great visual concept and implemented in our work corporate colors and design elements provided by our client;
  • The website looks beautifully and has a very simple navigation to cater to all visitors and showcase only important relevant content;
  • When creating the main page, we focused on creating an informative website that would explain to visitors what LSTCs are and what potential customers must know about them;
  • We also implemented a great functional menu with all necessary segments and links;
  • In order to learn more about services, schedules, and prices, visitors can contact managers directly or ask for additional consultations when filling out the preorder form. All visitors can easily message managers via a very simple yet functional “contact us” form;
  • We created lots of content and structured it in a concise and useful form that would feature all necessary information. In order to make it even more appealing, we added decorations and informative photos.

The Result:

The new updated website of the MVDOM company is a state-of-the-art platform that serves only one purpose: to make visitors feel comfortable while receiving relevant useful information. Our efforts to create a beautiful and fully optimized website paid off massively. We still update the website regularly and help our client to dish out high quality engaging content to increase conversion and consequently sales!

Technologies that were applied:

PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, WordPress