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Our team developed a mobile application for the company "Epicentr" - the largest chain of construction goods stores in Ukraine. The product works in connection with the Cargo system, and is intended for use by managers, drivers of delivery vehicles and forwarders.

What tasks does the application solve?

The "Epicentr" application is designed to simplify document flow and automate processes related to cargo transportation, which is one of the most important components of the company's activity.

The principle of operation of the application is as follows: the driver downloads the software to the smartphone and goes through a simple registration procedure, after which the system downloads the car and trailer number linked to the user's personal data from Cargo. Further, requests for the transportation of goods in the territory of Ukraine and abroad are sent to the driver in the format of ordinary applications in the application, without any additional bureaucracy.

During the transportation of goods, the managers of the company "Epicentr" can track the location of the car and the GPS trailer in real time. In addition, the program in automatic or manual mode provides information about the transition of the cargo to each new stage of transportation:

  • Arrival at the loading point.
  • Completion of vehicle and trailer loading.
  • Arrival for customs clearance.
  • Washing by the fact.
  • Arrival for customs clearance.
  • Customs clearance by the fact.
  • Unloading of goods.
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Functionality of the application

The AVADA MEDIA team developed and implemented cutting-edge innovations in the Epicenter application that allow the company to work as quickly and efficiently as possible - in accordance with the status of the industry leader on the Ukrainian market. Product functionality includes:

  • Ability to supplement the application opened in the system with new data.
  • Monitors the validity periods of licenses and other driver's documents, informing about the need to update them.
  • A section with instructions, news and surveys for company drivers in a convenient digital format.
  • Built-in internal chats for drivers: with the manager, mechanics and support service.

What technologies did we use?

The implementation of the "Epicenter" application is built on the cross-platform Flutter framework, which ensures high system performance and provides wide technical capabilities at the level of native programming languages.

Due to the fact that Flutter uses a single codebase to work on the IOS and Android operating systems, we also managed to significantly speed up the development of the program and implement it into the customer's business processes as quickly as possible.

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Our team has developed a functional application that allows drivers to accept orders for local and international cargo transportation, as well as communicate directly with the manager, support service and technical specialists to solve any transportation-related issues. In parallel with this, managers, with the help of the new application, receive up-to-date information about the location of the cargo and can automatically and manually control all stages of the delivery of goods.

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